The Screen Repair Service You’ve Been Waiting For!

The Screen Repair Service You’ve Been Waiting For!

It’s fairly easy for the most menial, the most mundane of tasks to become the most tedious after some time. This can be very much seen in the upkeep of the home. You find yourself getting stuck in a routine that you have had down pat for years, but then you slowly start to notice other things that need attentionhome repairs. All the broken things scattered throughout the home are enough to make you nuts, but before you fly off the handle, let us folk from Key Largo, FL, take one thing from your plate. Cross screen repair off your list by consulting the genius that is Island Painting & Pressure Cleaning!

Why Your Screen Needs Mending

Screens are the perfect compromise to when you want a bit more light and ventilation in the room without having to sacrifice the barrier protecting yourself from unwanted foreign elements, like mosquitos and other airborne pests. It may not seem like much to most people right off the bat, but we at Island Painting & Pressure Cleaning see it differently. We take every house-repair job, no matter how small, like screen repair, seriously; we do it well; and in doing so, we give our customers maximized overall happiness and comfort with our services.

Why We’re the Best Ones for the Job

Not only do we take pride in doing each specific service and job extremely well with the utmost care; but we also have a whole list of qualifications that make us the best choice, beyond a shadow of a doubt, for your screen repair needs. We have had no less than 37 years’ worth experience in the field, licensed and insured to boot! We cater to a variety of customers, offering 10 percent discounts to seniors and members of the military and workers proficient in English and Spanish! But ultimately, what our customers, especially those in and around Key Largo, FL,, keep coming back for are our professionalism and quality of service.

So if there’s a torn screen or two, contact us at (305) 451-1610 because there’s not a job too big or too small for Island Painting & Pressure Cleaning to do!